Lawn Maintenance Services

Serving Denver, Lakewood, Golden and Wheat Ridge


(most yards - $25/week)

This service includes weekly mowing of the whole perimeter, weed eating around the perimeter and all objects on the property, and blowing off all sidewalks, driveways, and garden areas. We maintain quality service by using only the best tools and by keeping them sharpened and tuned.

Power Raking

(most yards - $75 )

Power-raking should be performed in your yard to promote a thicker and healthier lawn.  Why? Because without a good raking, dead grass tends to pack down on top of the soil and keeps nutrients and water from getting to the roots of your lawn.


(most yards - $35 )

Lawn aeration is the core cultivation of turf grass. Lawns benefit from this process for a number of reasons. First, this process loosens the soil. Compacted soil can greatly inhibit the flow of water, air and nutrient uptake. Second, the small cores of earth deposited on top of the grass act as top dressing of fresh, rich soil.

Preparing your lawn for Winter in the Fall is as important as feeding it in the Spring. Winter feeding promotes deep strong root systems that are better prepared for the harsh Winter ahead.

Sprinkler Blowout

(most systems - $50 )

Preparing your sprinkler system for winter can save you lot of money and headaches in the spring. Removing all of the standing water in your system and shutting down the electronic timer is essential to ensuring the integrity of your systems elements.

Sprinkler System Repair

(most systems - $60/hour + parts, 1 hour minimum)



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